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Lucerne International Film Festival     October 2014

The “i” in LiFF not only stands for “international”, but also for “independent”. International are the films shown at the festival and also the filmmakers that submitted their work from all over the world. Independent and free spirited are the subjects and contents of their films. Even low budget movies with strong stories get a chance to show their films at our festival. Our program is unique and most of the films cannot be seen in the mainstream theaters. Quality and content are of high importance – heartfelt and moving stories are the soul of the festival.


St Tropez International Film Festival     May 13 – May 17 2014

The St Tropez International Film and Television Festival of World Cinema is a global industry event that will reach out to the many filmmakers who always place film at the centre of our acts as a truly international film industry event, being held at the same time as the Cannes International film festival to bringing together films from around the world.

Generally, to take nothing into account other than the art of film and the pre-eminence of artistic talent, and finally to facilitate transmission, so that tomorrow’s Festival can continue the adventure with the combined strengths of experience and modernity, for those that enter the Festival will truly be the future filmmakers of the film industry.


American Online Film Awards     Spring 2014

AOFA 2014 will be hosted in New York
The American Online Film Awards are celebrating the best of independent and foreign films, documentaries, TV shows and music videos. It runs two seasonal film showcases, spring and fall, culminating with the awards in December.


Fargo Film Festival     March 4 – March 8 2014

The Fargo Film Festival strives to:
Provide an extraordinary opportunity for filmmakers’ work to be shown on the big silver screen in a beautifully restored, state of the art, 870 seat Art Deco Theatre.
Provide informational and provocative presentations and panel discussions on issues affecting local, regional, national and international filmmaking and filmmakers.


Flickerfest      Jan 10 – Jan 19 2014

Once again the one of a kind celebration of film that is Flickerfest will be held from the 10 – 19 January 2014. Taking place at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, Australia’s only Academy® Accredited and BAFTA recognised short film competition will be screening at the Bondi Pavilion. Festival Director, Bronwyn Kidd, continues to be the driving force behind FLiCKERFEST and once again, Bronwyn and the selection committee have received record numbers of film submissions (over 2000 again this year!) and will tailor the 2014 programme to showcase the very best 100 films to audiences across Australia from January until May. Launching in Sydney on January 10th, Flickerfest will run in Sydney for 10 days before taking the rest of the county by storm with over 50 venues on the National Tour.


Adda Short Film Festival     Dec 21 2013

A group of young independent filmmakers, cine technicians and some veteran film personalities from Assam, NorthEast India who are part of a group called ADDA, which in Assamese means ‘informal gathering’, have taken up the cause of promoting alternative, new and creative cinema in the region.

ADDA is the first ever short film festival in the whole Northeast region (the country of seven sisters). We promote new movie makers, exchange of knowledge, information, ideas, and culture between Northeast and all over India. ADDA laid emphasis on short films and we are lucky to have gotten a good response not only from the intelligentsia but also from common people. We need a creative approach, which is modern, young and fresh in outlook for filmmaking.


Indie Spirit Film Festival      Dec 15 2013

Showcase Screening. For over 6 years the Indie Spirit Film Festival has been an annual event for filmmakers (professionals and students) and film lovers alike in the beautiful setting of Colorado Springs, Colorado. With a superb program of feature films, shorts, docs, animation, and many other films from around the world.


Souq Film Festival Milan Italy      Nov 22 – Nov 23  2013

The mission of SOUQ FILM FESTIVAL (SFF) – Urban Suffering on Films – is to explore to the theme of Urban Suffering in its broadest sense by showcasing a collection of fiction and documentary short films, from emerging as well as established filmmakers. The festival believes that promoting films that tackle prisoner’s justice, mental health, immigration and equality issue is a means to celebrate richness and diversity, to dispel negative stereotypes and to promote a culture of inclusion and understanding.


Levante International Film Festival Italy      Nov 15 – Dec 15  2013

The Levante – International Film Festival is a special event, an occasion for the world of international independent film production to meet and exchange ideas. It aims at promoting, and making a serious contribution to, the diffusion of independent films produced all over the world. Special focus is given to films that express innovative themes and subjects and that offer a contribution to research into innovative cinematographic forms and languages.


International Freethought Film Festival      Nov 15 – Nov 17  2013

The Mission of the Freethought Film Festival is to promote reason, critical thinking and freedom of inquiry through the medium of film. What do we mean by freethought? Simply put…Freethought is the critical examination of truth-claims based on reason and logic…not superstition, not tradition, and not because someone “important” said so. The International Freethought Film Festival is a niche film festival for the bold. Promoting reason through film is our mission. Examples of themes in the Freethought niche are those that challenge what some societies and cultures deem unchallengeable, such as religion or government policies.


International Film Festival Spirituality Religion Visionary Indonesia      Oct – Nov  2013

The IFFSRV was established by some individuals who care about human living in peace towards themselves, forming strong and healthy alliances with others in harmony, and having good communication with their Creator despite of their sex, religion, race, and economic status.


AFI World Cinema Festival Hamptons USA      Nov 1 – Nov 3  2013

The mission of Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative is to host an impeccable year round program of events comprised of all the components that make one understand culture besides one’s own, through the arts.The Official Selection is to showcase culturally diverse films throughout the world. Our primary goal is to continue enriching society through arts and culture.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace International Film Festival      Oct 25 – Nov 8  2013

The Crystal Palace International Film festival is an event designed to showcase independent films and film talent from around the world in a number of genres, formats and lengths. It gives a platform for well made films to be seen by an appreciative audience that do not usually get to see high quality, independent films.


Cinerockom International Film Festival      Oct 17 – Oct 19  2013

CineRocKom has the objective to host the worldwide most talented, professional and new writers and filmmakers, screening their films, along with live music and comedy.
We provide to our audience with fine films, best comedians and live vibrant music.
We host our festival in 3 countries: United State, France and Hong Kong; to foster, support and help filmmakers from across the globe, with a showcase that provide an enriched program to professionals and audience.


New York City Independent Film Festival      Oct 18 – Oct 20  2013

We welcome the true Indie film-maker. Your film will be screened by other Indie Film-makers who are looking for new voices with new ideas to be explored by the art of film-making. New York City is known for it’s diversity and we love that we see a diversity of submissions every year. The festival will strive to promote an open and nurturing environment for artists, writers, actors, film-makers and fans, and will focus on offering great networking opportunities for its participants.

London IFF

London International Film Festival      Oct 12 – Oct 18  2013

London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema is a global industry event that will reach out to the many filmmakers who always place film at the centre of our acts as a truly international film industry event. The London International Filmmaker Film Festival is a unique event in its 6th year that is celebrating the best and most popular independent and studio films from the global film industry.

The Other Venice Film Festival

The Other Venice Film Festival      Oct 11 – Oct 13  2013

The Other Venice Film Festival (OVFF), is an International event dedicated to screening full-length, short, doc, experimental, music video, youth films and animated works that embody the spirit, energy and diversity of Venice. Venice, CA has always been an epicenter for LA artists and filmmakers who continue to pave the way toward expanding the language of underground, alternative cinema.

Many historians suggest that film making in Los Angeles was born in Venice, with Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, The Keystone Cops and the Little Rascals all shooting in studios and locations here. The Other Venice Film festival is dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences. Through its programs, the OVFF seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film and theatre artists from Venice and around the world, and to introduce audiences to their new work.


Sedicicorto International Film Festival      Oct 5 – Oct 12  2013

The Short Film Festival is held every year at the beginning of October in Italy, in the beautiful town of Forlì. It aims at offering visibility to the short film genre, offering to its audience a careful selection of a number of short films submitted from all over the world. It therefore represents an interesting showcase, and wants to be a meeting point for short film directors and producers.


Tacoma Film Festival      Oct 3 – Oct 10  2013

The Tacoma Film Festival celebrates current independent film from around the globe. Our primary focus is to bring quality film to the big screen and to showcase exceptional independent films – some that our audiences will probably never get the chance to see again. Join us for the 8th annual Tacoma Film Festival on October 3-10, 2013 for 8 days of films, events, conversation, and fun! This is our time to celebrate you – the filmmaker, and the invaluable artistic talents that you provide to the film community. Each year our mission is to enrich our community by bridging the gap between ourselves and outstanding works of independent film.


Moondance International Film Festival      Sep 27 – Sep 29  2013

Our objective for this competition and film festival is to inspire, promote and encourage screenwriters and independent filmmakers, and the very best work in film & film scripts, stage plays, TV scripts, musical film scores, librettos, radio plays & short stories. Moondance provides a professional forum in which those creative, talented & dedicated artists can have the opportunity for their work to be viewed and accepted by the powers that be, within the international film & entertainment community.


Northwest Ohio Independent Film Festival      Sep 20 – Sep 21  2013

The Northwest Ohio Independent Film Festival has been created to provide a cultural alternative to the commercial film experience, celebrating and promoting the artistic elements of the medium, and to nurture and promote the art of filmmaking itself. The NWOFF is meant to be a base to utilize, enjoy, learn, and discover, as well as becoming a workplace of inclusion and respect, with a focus on the development of creativity and ideas from independent filmmakers from around the world.


Cincinnati Film Festival      Sep 5 – Sep 15  2013

The Cincinnati Film Festival was created as a means to foster awareness of the cinematic arts in southwestern Ohio; to foster and encourage the growth of new filmmakers and film production as an art form; and to bring diverse local, national, and international films and filmmakers to the region to showcase their works to the public in an interactive atmosphere.

IFFPIE Indonesia

International Film Festival Peace Inspiration Equality      September  2013

The International Film Festivals for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality was established as a means of supporting and promoting film and film making all over the world.

Our main mission is to promote films that tackle peace, inspiration, and equality issues, each with their unique methods of storytelling.

Montreal World Film Festival

Montreal World Film Festival      Aug 23 – Sep 3  2013

The goal of the Montreal World Film Festival (Montreal International Film Festival) is to encourage cultural diversity and understanding between nations, to foster the cinema of all continents by stimulating the development of quality cinema, to promote filmmakers and innovative works, to discover and encourage new talents, and to promote meetings between cinema professionals from around the world.

Since its founding 37 years ago, the Montreal World Film Festival has remained faithful to its founding principles. The MWFF offers film lovers and professionals a rich program based on cultural diversity, innovation, independence and creativity. The success and international reputation of the Montreal World Film Festival are firmly linked to these principles and goals.


In the Palace International Short Film Festival      June 29 – July 06  2013

IN THE PALACE is an International festival and the largest and most prestigious short film festival in Bulgaria and the region. The Festival aims to present the contemporary film art in Bulgaria, Europe and the World, contributing to its development and creating a favourable environment and platform for young filmmakers and established professionals.
Traditionally, the Festival’s core are the International and National competitive programmes, accompanied by various special screenings.
Over the years, the festival was attended by both prominent Bulgarian filmmakers and many significant representatives of the world cinema.
Balchik is a small and romantic town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, known with its white cliffs and tiered houses, its narrow streets and picturesque surroundings.
The town has a history spanning over almost 3000 years. During that period it was known as the ancient Greek colony of Krouni, the Greek and subsequently Byzantine fortress of Dionyssopolis, mediaeval Bulgarian town Karvouna and the Ottoman and later again Bulgarian town of Balchik. The town was named after the Boyar Balik who once owned it and ruled over it. In the 1913-1940 periods Balchik was under Romanian administration.
One of the most interesting places in the vicinity of the town is the architectural park complex “The Palace” (venue of the festival), built by the Italian architects Amerigo and Agustino within the period 1920-1936. It was the former summer residence of the British princess and Romanian Queen Marie of Edinburgh.

New York No Limits

New York No Limits Film Series      June 27  2013

New York No Limits Film Series is a ongoing collection of screenings that presents the best films from around the world in the most unique and dynamic arts city in the world. No Limits provides filmmakers the opportunity and support to explore the most innovative, taboo and diverse shorts from anywhere in the world at the state of the art Wild Project event space. All year long, No Limits breaks the boundaries and spreads the canvass in any genre, no matter the vision from all over the world.
Ultimately, NYNL wishes to give filmmakers who take profound leaps a platform while extending the boundaries and canvass of conventional film with programs showcasing the most daring visions in film today.

manhattan festival tab

Manhattan Film Festival      June 20 – June 30  2013

The Manhattan Film Festival is dedicated to developing and discovering new ways to help filmmakers pursue a career out of filmmaking. In the process we introduce filmmakers and their work to new and expanding audiences. Since our inception we have worked to discover new ways to help filmmakers succeed in the ever changing film industry. As an organization founded by independent filmmakers we understand what goes into the production of a film. As a festival we have learned more about what it takes to succeed post-production. The festival is covered by local, national, and international media including television, newspaper, magazine, and web outlets. Every year we work to program a diverse film lineup. There is nothing in particular we look for but we always love a good story.


Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival      June 14 – June 16  2013

The Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival is Pittsburgh’s own film festival for truly independent films. PIIF offers a fantastic opportunity for undiscovered filmmakers to showcase their achievements, filmmakers who posses an independent vision and operate to create innovative work outside the studio system. PIFF is an indie film festival by and for indie filmmakers. PIFF is seeking to uncover and platform emerging films, talent, trends, production methods, and distribution models that will shape the future of film.


Lighthouse International Film Festival      June 6 – June 9  2013

In 2011, IndieWIRE listed the Lighthouse International Film Festival (LIFF) as one of the 17 best film festivals in the world in June — one of only a handful of festivals in the United States to receive that honor, and the only such festival in New Jersey. LIFF was founded by a collection of filmmakers, film critics and film industry professionals who share a passion for film and wanted to create an event aimed first and foremost at film enthusiasts. Each year, LIFF champions a selection of new, often unrecognized films from the US and around the world to compete in its competition and audience award categories, which screen alongside award-winning spotlight films from Sundance, Cannes, South-by-Southwest and Tribeca. Our 2012 festival opened with “For Ellen” and closed with “Sleepwalk With Me”, both Sundance favorites, alongside exciting spotlight films such as “Chasing Ice”, “Take This Waltz”, “Why Stop Now?”, “The Ambassador” and “Teddy Bear”. LIFF features a star-studded jury each year, which in 2012 included representatives from numerous prominent distributors and alumni filmmakers from past festivals. The festival takes place on Long Beach Island, NJ — one of the East coast’s most popular surfing destinations, and a short ride from both New York City and Philadelphia.

Artisan Festival International

Artisan Festival International (World Cinema Festival)      May 17 – May 22  2013

Artisan Festival International: Cannes World Peace Initiative, is a celebration of world artistic expression. This events’ sole purpose is to bridge the gap of cultural diversity by promoting arts and culture.

The Official Selection is to showcase culturally diverse films throughout the world. Independent commercial and art-house films with a wide audience appeal are represented in the competition.

Court Metrage logo

Cannes Court Metrage      May 15 – May 26  2013

” Cannes Court Métrage reflects the Festival de Cannes’ desire to develop initiatives, encouraging emerging talents as well as the particular format of short films.Inventive, often incredibly gifted, free and without constraints, shorts have forever carried high the values of Cannes. Providing a space in which upcoming generations can emerge is essential and is also one of the very purposes of the Festival. Short films explore the present and prepare the future. They showcase a variety of styles, identities, cultures and geographies. And this is why, by providing a link between the Short Film Competition (and its Palme d’Or) and the Short Film Corner (where everything that matters can be found), Cannes Court Métrage is the proof of the vitality of a world meant to become tomorrow’s Festival de Cannes. ” Thierry Fremaux

Indie Fest Logo

The Indie Fest      March  2013

The Indie Fest is a showcase for cinematic gems and unique voices. The Indie is a top-tier, international awards competition. Entries come from all over the world. Indie awards go to those filmmakers, actors, producers and members of the creative team who create fresh, standout films, television programs, compelling documentaries and new media.

Ficino Films received an Indie Fest Award of Merit (Liberation/Social Justice/Protest) 2013.


The Firebird has participated in the following film markets.

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