Ficino Films

Ficino Films

Producer Tia Spanos Tsonis and Writer | Director, Antonis Tsonis founded Ficino Films, an Independent film house based in Melbourne, Australia. Ficino Films aspires to create contemporary and world cinema productions that reach out to international audiences.

In 2013, The Firebird (25 minutes) was multi-award winning and participated in over 35 film festivals worldwide. It enjoyed particular success in Italy, London, New York, Indonesia and North America, including a selection in the Focus on World Cinema Category - Montreal World Film Festival and won for Best Dramatic Short at the Manhattan Film Festival, New York.

In 2015, Tia and Antonis completed 3000 (20 mins); a Live Action Short Film set against the backdrop of a monochromatic contemporary Athens, Greece; and in 2016 the film has been chosen in over 65 Official Selections internationally and has won many awards for Excellence in Film.

Investors | Collaborators

Ficino Films welcomes international investors and collaborators to contact us regarding future projects with a World Cinema focus.

About Us

Stamatia (Tia) Spanos Tsonis
Tia is from Melbourne, Australia. She has produced and distributed four short films, all of which have travelled internationally and or have won awards. She has worked on many PR & Marketing campaigns in the entertainment and publishing industry and her inspiration to produce comes from her desire to share stories that are unrelenting in their expression of the human condition.
Antonis Tsonis
Australian writer | director, Antonis resides in Melbourne where he studied law and history and received his Doctorate in Jurisprudence from the University of Melbourne.

Antonis has been nominated and won awards for Best Director in a number of international film festivals. In 2015 Antonis also became a recipient of the prestigious Deluxe Heartbeat Fund in Australia.

His short films have played in over 100 film festivals and have received many awards and nominations worldwide. In 2013, his independent short film, The Firebird, received many awards and won Best Dramatic Short at the Manhattan Film Festival. 3000 has participated in 68 International Official Selections and awards festivals, has won 15 awards and has received 18 nominations.

Antonis’ narrative and visual inspiration comes from Italian neorealist cinema and the American new wave movement. A contemporary filmmaker, Antonis is especially focused on stories about characters struggling on the fringes of society.


Letter from Ficino


Commendatio stili

Excellence of Style

Marsilio Ficino to Andrea Cambini, best of companions: greetings.

FOR a long time now, my most beloved companion, I have been much in your debt for many reasons, but above all else for this, that today, when my spirit was weighed down with a strange weariness, you have freed it from a rather troublesome burden. For you have sent me three speeches of your kinsman, Francesco Pucci, to read. Reading them has delighted me so much that I can scarcely find enough words of matching quality to express his delight. For those things which satisfy a need usually give the greatest pleasure. In fact, the qualities I look for above all others in speeches are these: meanings that are clear and not hidden, fullness without excess, brevity without defect, but whole and measured, and lastly, appropriateness and fine choice of words. To these might be added, where possible, the amazing skill of the painter, which presents to the eyes the subject itself. So when I actually found all these in your kinsman’s speeches, I was, of course, absolutely delighted. For this reason, dear friend, I am enormously grateful both to you and to him.


5th June, 1489



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